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ScanCARE and Zebex Partner to develop new technologies for the medical industry.

During the last 10 years ScanCARE has developed an automated administration system designed specifically for Australia's public and private hospitals.

An Integral part of this development has been the usage of Barcode Scanners for automatic identification and tracking of surgical instruments, staff, and all related equipment and goods through the hospital system.

During our intital research we found Zebex equipment to be very reliable, good quality and very competatively priced. Ten years later this is still the case. We have had numerous models of Zebex equipment out in the field under very heavy conditions. In some of our sites they are used constantly around the clock. We have found their performance very good, and we have surpassed typical industry accuracy levels,
pushing our data-entry error rate down below 0.1%. We have also found the equipment very robust, and long lasting. Some of our clients are very rough with the scanners, but they just seem to keep going and going. In the event that some items have needed repairs,
'It is a pleasure to work
with such an exciting
and innovative company'
Dion Purnell, Product Manager, ScanCARE®
we have found Zebex to be very courteous in repairing their legacy items. Their support is of a very high standard, which has allowed us to maintain our system in mission critical situations.

We are now developing new methods for identifying and tracking surgical devices. RFID is hot on the lips of many industries, and we are determined to stay in front of our competitors. It would be impossible for a software company like ours to stay on the cutting edge without the collabrative support from a company such as Zebex. We have found the answers we need and development is going full steam ahead, it is a pleasure to work with such an exiting and innovative company.

We are very proud to endorse Zebex products. Fast becoming a heavyweight in the American market and allready leading the charge in Europe and Russia, Zebex is set to become a major player in the field in Australia. Typically Australians pay a premium for these kinds of products, but Zebex is looking like it will change that, offering similiar products that out perform the American brands saturating the Australian market, at less than 2/3rds the price.

In an effort to bring better service to our customers, and keep our technology base secure, we have offered to sell to and support Zebex's Australian customers. We will be providing a 2 year back to base warrantee on the full catalogue of their high quality products. After using these products for over a decade, no-one can provide a better testimonial. for more information view the contact us page or e-mail us here.
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